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PsychTeacher(UK) is the number one site is for students on AS and A-Level psychology courses, and is currently being updated for the new style A-Level starting in September 2015. There is also relevant information for students studying the International Baccalaureate in Psychology, and High School students. Psychology is an extremely popular A level taken by thousands of students each year, however it can also be extremely frustrating and difficult subject to master to the required level. The author of this site is an experienced psychology teacher trained at postgraduate level in psychology who aims to provide easy to understand information to help all A level students achieve to the best of their ability in this fascinating subject.

Designed to help you learn and revise A level psychology (focused towards the AQA A psychology specification), PsychTeacher(UK) is an online text book. Each page is presented in a clear format, provides links to learning materials and teaching resources, and where appropriate suggests learning activities to help students get the most from their studies. Each section also features exam advice and tips aimed at helping students achieve high marks with minimal confusion. Psychology revision made easy!

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Key psychology topics covered are
memory, attachment (between infant and mother or primary caregiver), research methods, approaches in psychology, social influence, psychopathology, biopsychology, issues debates and approaches in psychology, stress, aggression, and addictions. Each section has links to key studies specifically required for A level psychology, and exam tips for success.

Try out some great games and psychological tests, including psychological tests relevant to A level psychology and games just for fun.

Recommended text books
PsychTeacher recommends AQA Psychology Books 1 and 2 by Jean-Marc Lawton and Eleanor Willard.

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