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Locus of control and attributional style. Do things happen because of your actions, or is it fate?
Rotter (1966) devised the locus of control scale to measure the extent to which a person considers his or herself to be in control of their actions and what happens to them.
Locus of control simple version
Locus of control full version

Romantic attachment style test. What’s your attachment style? Does it affect your relationships?
A fun test based on Hazan & Shaver (1987) love quiz.
Romantic attachment quiz

F scale test. Do you have a fascist personality? Are you authoritarian?
An online version of Adorno’s F-scale. Do you have an authoritarian personality?
F-scale online test

Computer games addiction test. Are you addicted to computer games?
A quick test to determine whether or not you are addicted to playing computer and video games
Computer games addiction test

Temporal memory test. Can you remember when things happened?
A quick test to determine whether how tired you are affects your ability to remember when things happened
Temporal memory test

Short term memory capacity test. How big is your short term memory?
Miller said you should have a short term memory capacity of 5 to 9 items
Short term memory test

Stress test. Is stress caused by genes or lifestyle?
Take part in a real experiment exploring the nature nurture causes of stress. Receive personalised stress management tips.
Stress test

Sensation seeking test. Are you a thrill seeker?
Have you got a thrill seeking personality? Sensation seeking scale designed by Mark Zuckerman (1971).
Sensation seeking test

The Sigmund Freud game. Are you Sigmund Freud?
Play the Sigmund Freud game.
Sigmund Freud game